Fun with OooOoO! A big skatepark at Triennale Milano

OooOoO-Triennale-Milano-4-photo-Gianluca Di Ioia

Fun with OooOoO!  A big multisensory skatepark at Triennale Milano

From 27 November 2019 to 16 February 2020 the Triennale Milano hosts ‘OooOoO‘, a multi-sensory skatepark conceived by the south-Korean artist Koo Yeong A.
Conceived as a site-specific installation for the Milan Triennale, OooOoO is an invitation to experience space with the body and the mind, challenging the usual relationships between the individual, the objects and the environment in which we move. The installation is matched by a soundtrack by Coreless, an electronic music producer based in Glasgow.

OooOoO-Triennale-Milano-1-photo-Gianluca Di Ioia


OooOoO-Triennale-Milano-2-foto-Gianluca Di Ioia

OooOoO-Triennale Milano-3-foto-Gianluca Di Ioia

OooOoO-Triennale-Milano-5-photo-foto-Gianluca Di Ioia

images courtesy of Triennale Milano – photos Gianluca di Ioia

OooOoO  |  multisensory skatepark
27 November 2019 | 16 February 2020
Triennale Milano, viale Alemagna, 6
Free entrance

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