At Palazzo Strozzi, ‘The Wound’ raises the issue of cultural places in the age of Covid-19


Florence: on the facade of Palazzo Strozzi, ‘The Wound’ raises the issue of cultural places in the age of Covid-19

From 19 March, Palazzo Strozzi, in Florence, is the stage for a reflection on the accessibility to places of culture at the time of the pandemic. ‘The Wound’ – the site-specific work by the French artist JR– draws attention to the destiny that unites all cultural institutions – museums, libraries, cinemas, and theaters – forced to limit the openings of their spaces.
28 meters high and 33 meters wide, the JR’s installation is a visual gash on the façade of Palazzo Strozzi, which opens to the vision of an interior, real and imagined at the same time.
The work is created with a black and white photographic collage, built as an illusionistic game in which, observing from a precise point of view, different rooms of Palazzo Strozzi open up before the eyes: the colonnade of the courtyard, an imaginary exhibition hall, and a library.


JR, La Ferita, (The Wound) 2021, Firenze, Palazzo Strozzi. Photo by JR

JR-artist-Palazzo-Strozzi-the-wound-la ferita

  JR Portrait , 2019

It is not the first time that Palazzo Strozzi becomes a vehicle in the denunciation of an important theme: it happened for example in 2016 with the work ‘Reframe’ by Ai Wei Wei, when the lifeboats hanging on the facade represented a cry about the fate of refugees, who risk their lives every day by crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe.

JR, La Ferita (the Wound)
Palazzo Strozzi – Florence (Italy)
19 March / 21 September  2021

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