Fantastic beasts and mythological creatures; highlights from the Bosa ceramics collection


Fantastic beasts and mythological creatures; highlights from the Bosa ceramics collection

The objects created by the Bosa ceramic laboratory look like creatures from a child’s sketchbook. Pop characters, strange animals, and mythological figures are the most recurring subjects in the company’s tableware and home accessories collections and decorative art pieces. The objects created by the ceramic laboratory of the company, founded by Italo Bosa in 1976, are the outcome of a quality-oriented manufacture process – from the realization of plaster molds conceived to maximize detail accuracy up to the final hand-finishing techniques using exclusive colors and materials, including precious metals and enamels.
A production whose quality is also based on collaborations with international designers and artists and that has bestowed the company from the small town of Borso del Grappa, not far from Venice, an international appreciation.
The story of the Bosa laboratory is somewhat emblematic of the traditional Italian design scene, made up of a myriad of small-to-medium family-owned manufacturing companies that in small-scale quality-oriented productions have been able to find a viable path to foster innovative design and creativity.

cover image: Ariete, Unicorno, Toro – design Sam Baron.


Compagno: Bird – design Sebastian Herkner


DAB PENGUIN – Designed by Vittorio Gennari, 2020


Duck Elefant Multivase – design Jaime Hayon


HOPEBIRD special editions – design Jaime Hayon


 Khepri (left) and Loricato – design Elena Salmistraro


PELLICANO – Design Jaime Hayon

via Molini 44, 31030 Borso del Grappa (Treviso) Italy


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