Design for Urban Mobility at the Dutch Design Week 2019


Population growth, urbanization, and environmental protection are forcing us to re-consider urban mobility; our next future requires us to take courageous decisions related to collective transport infrastructures as well as to develop new means of soft mobility. Two projects – which will be presented at the next Dutch Design Week, taking place in Eindhoven from October 19 through 27, 2019 – intelligently address such needs.

Cover image: the Station of Being bus shelter by Rombout Frieling lab; image courtesy of Dutch Design Week

Station of Being, bus shelter, design: Rombout Frieling lab (The Netherlands)
Station of Being is a bus shelter designed by Rombout Frieling lab in collaboration with the Research Institutes of Sweden as part of a larger project funded by the European Union and aimed to reduce the use of the automobile and to make public transport more friendly and comfortable.
Inaugurated in October 2019 in the Swedish city of Umeå (where temperature can drop to -40 °C in Winter), Station of Being is a structure, 18 meters wide and 5 meters deep, that transforms a boring bus wait into an interesting experience.
Travelers waiting for the bus can relax inside individual wood “pods” hanging from the ceiling, which protect them from cold and wind-chill.
The bus station is mostly made of local wood – with an ingenious Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) roof – and its energy consumption is very limited.
Sounds and colored lights projected on the shelter’s ceiling inform travelers of the waiting times and status of buses.


Station of Being; image courtesy of Rombout Frieling lab (

Noggin, origami-inspired foldable helmet, design: Amy Virasak (USA)
Designed by Amy Virasak, Noggin is a service providing folding helmets aimed to make ride-sharing safer. The diffusion of electric two-wheelers has unfortunately led to an increase in accidents. Rental companies ask customers to wear helmets when using their vehicles and claim that safety is their priority; yet, they do little to facilitate it.
Therefore, Noggin has been conceived to provide, free-of-charge, folding helmets, whose design is inspired by origami and which can be stored into the bicycle frame, to the e-cyclists using the UBER JUMP electric bike-sharing service.




The Noggin folding helmet designed by Amy Virasak; images courtesy of Dutch Design Week

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