CRA presents Scribit Pen, the world’s first fully compostable marker


CRA presents Scribit Pen, the world’s first fully compostable marker

Designed by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati for tech company Scribit, the new pen addresses the issue of plastic pollution produced by the global marker industry. Every component of Scribit Pen is eco-friendly: the barrel composed of biodegradable plastic, the nibs and cartridges made of natural fibers, and the non-toxic ink.
Approximately 35 billion plastic markers end up in landfills annually, an amount that could cover the island of Manhattan more than 11 times. Scribit approached CRA to develop a more sustainable marker, one that might help transition the entire art supply industry toward a more environmentally friendly model.
Scribit Pen is eco-friendly in all its components. The pen barrel is available in wood, bioplastic, and anodized aluminum. Inside it lies a natural fiber ink cartridge and nib.
These internal components are replaceable, so the same barrel can be used indefinitely.
The water-based, non-toxic super washable ink is non-toxic to such an extent that it is certified as edible. The project aims to address Scribit’s commitment to promoting a circular economy: a sustainable approach to production and consumption which aspires to replace the “take-make-waste” linear model.





images courtesy of CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati 

Scribit Pen. A project by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati for Scribit
Artistic consultancy: Italo Rota.
CRA team: Carlo Ratti, Andrea Cassi, Luca Giacolini, Gary di Silvio.
Scribit Team: Marco Conte, Andrea Bulgarelli, Andrea Baldereschi, Federico Morando, Gabriele Pertile.
Technical Support: Polive, De Martini, Teibow, Reinol.
Video making: The Good Life Studio

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