‘Beauty Innovation 2020’, a new installation by contemporary design studio we+


‘Beauty Innovation 2020’, a new installation by contemporary design studio we+

Design Studio we+, in collaboration with Shiseido Art Director Taisuke Kikuchi, has created the installation called “Beauty Innovation 2020” currently on display on the first floor of the Shiseido Ginza Building in Tokyo. The delicate fluctuation of 80 light paper discs – obtained by controlling wind and light – and the visual strength emerging from the use of a simple form, express the diversity of beauty.
The paper discs, with 210 mm in diameter, are aligned on a grid of 5 per 16 rows and fixed to 80 vertical wires. To each of the 80 points of the spatial grid correspond an air jet that rises from below and a light point from above. The airflow from each of the points corresponding to the discs interferes with the nearby air jets creating a dance-like movement.
The durable and lightweight paper was selected for a three-month long-term exhibition. To utilize the exhibition space with a height of 3.5m dynamically, the shape of the circulator blades and air vents has been devised so that the paper can smoothly rise to the top.







Below: the Beauty Innovation 2020 video from we+ on Vimeo


Beauty Innovation 2020
20 January 2020 / 10 April 2020, Shiseido Ginza Building, Tokyo, Japan.
Images courtesy of we+

Design: Taisuke Kikuchi (Shiseido), Hokuto Ando, Toshiya Hayashi (we+)
Design, Development: RQ Aoki, Eri Sekiguchi (we+)
System Engineering: Mio Kato (siro)
Lighting Design: Daisuke Yano, Yu Han Chang, Nanako Tomioka (Tokyo Lighting Design)
Lighting Program: So Hashimoto
Construction: NOMURA DUO
Technical Adviser: Shinya Matsuyama (siro), Satoru Kusakabe (Perspectives)
Photo, Movie: Taihei Iino
Movie Edit: Kenichi Murase

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