At the Maat in Lisbon, Dotdotdot’s multisensory installation tells the climate emergency


At the Maat museum in Lisbon, Dotdotdot’s multisensory installation tells the climate emergency

Until 6 September 2021, the Maat – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in Lisbon, designed by Amanda Levete Architects, hosts the multisensory itinerary “Earth Bits – Sensing the Planetary”.
Designed by the Italian firm Dotdotdot, thanks to the scientific support of ESA (European Space Agency), IEA (International Energy Agency), and EDP Innovation (Energias de Portugal), the exhibition aims to encourage individual and collective awareness of the ongoing climate emergency. More precisely, the itinerary involves the public on a journey in which scientific data have been transformed into interactive installations, digital wallpapers, and animated videos, conceived to generate critical thinking about the environmental impact that human behavior has on the whole planet.
“24hours – The Ecology and Energy of our Flux”, one of the four installations of the itinerary, is made up of a 12 meters long illustrated mural which meticulously tells the mechanisms of energy consumption that are at the basis of eighty simple actions that each of us performs during the day. The goal is to show how much energy is essential for simple daily gestures and habits that are taken for granted, such as preparing coffee, having a snack, receiving packages at home, or simply checking social networks.
The exhibition ‘Earth Bits – Sensing the Planetary’ is part of a new program called ‘Explorations‘ – which in addition to the exhibitions also includes educational activities and public presentations – conceived by the Portuguese museum to explore the issues related to the environmental transformation that is profoundly affecting the future of the Earth.

cover: Detail of the illustrated mural of the installation “24hours – The Ecology and Energy of our Flux” in collaboration with EDP Innovation. © Dotdotdot for MAAT


Visualization of wind data during summer 2020 – satellite data from the ESA Copernicus (European Space Agency) program © Dotdotdot for MAAT


Detail of the data visualization of the “Power Rings” installation – created with electricity consumption data from Portugal (2019-2020) in collaboration with EDP Innovation. © Dotdotdot for MAAT


1:1 scale prototype of the interactive installation “The CO2 Mixer”, created in collaboration with EDP Innovation, thanks to data provided by IEA (International Energy Agency), EDP Sustainability, FAO. © Dotdotdot for MAAT


Data visualization of the global temperature for the video installation “Planet Calls – Imaging Climate Change” – satellite data from the ESA Copernicus program (European Space Agency). © Dotdotdot for MAAT. (


“Earth Bits – Sensing the Planetary”
MAAT – Museo de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia.
18 March / 6 September 2021


MAAT, River view, Amanda Levete Architects – AL_A, photo © AL_A

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