Trento | Arte Sella presents “Life of leaves” by Susanna Bauer

At the SPAZI LIVIO ROSSI in Borgo Valsugana, (Tn), Arte Sella features the exhibition Life of Leaves by Susanna Bauer.
Susanna Bauer is one of the most interesting European contemporary artists, her delicate and fascinating creations involve the use of dry leaves, often embroidered and interwoven through a patient and creative manual work.
34 works of small and medium-size will be on exhibition: from small leaves of beech to large magnolia’s, the universe of Susanna Bauer (German-born, she lives in Cornwall ) speaks to the heart and eyes. From the microcosm of nature, it expresses the dialogue between people and plants, through intimate and feminine creativity.

Susanna Bauer  “Vite di foglie/ Life of leaves”
June, 7 / September, 30 – 2014
Corso Ausugum, 55 – Borgo Valsugana (TN)

bauer-life of leaves-arte sella-03

bauer-life of leaves-arte sella-02

1- Susanna Bauer, Close
2- Susanna Bauer, Link (detail)
3- Susanna Bauer, Awakening (detail)

Images courtesy of ArteSella .

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