‘A.I.’ by Kartell is the first chair created by artificial intelligence


‘A.I.’ by Kartell is the first chair created by artificial intelligence

A.I., the new chair product by Kartell, is the first design object conceived by artificial intelligence, created in response to input received from the designer, Philippe Starck, and from the company. More precisely, creative thinking and artificial intelligence have merged to develop a chair model based on an algorithm that respects the original brief – a comfortable seat that has the structural strength and solidity requirements to ensure certification and respect aesthetic standards of simplicity and clean lines.
Thanks to the collaboration between Kartell, Philippe Starck, and Autodesk, the A.I. chair is, therefore, the result of the collaboration between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, and was defined by Starck himself as “natural intelligence”.
The added value of Artificial Intelligence does not replace the designer’s creativity but helps to speed up the prototyping and corporate design process by shortening the time of arrival on the market.
A.I. is made using for the first time only recycled material – a 100% recycled thermoplastic technopolymer. The chair is available in 5 colors – white, black, green, orange and gray – and the surface treatment makes the chair soft to the touch.




Photos courtesy of Kartell

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