3XN and Itten Brechbühl designed an 85 meter wooden tower in Lausanne


3XN and Itten Brechbühl designed an 85 meter wooden tower in Lausanne

The Danish studio 3XN and the Swiss studio Itten Brechbühl have been appointed to design the Tilia Tower©, an ambitious wooden building that will be built in Prilly-Malley, a rapidly developing district of the western outskirts of Lausanne, in Switzerland.
The project includes an 85meter high mixed-use tower as well as the renovation of two existing buildings for the real estate company Insula SA, part of the Realstone Group.
The complex has a mixed program, consisting of apartments, a hotel, coworking, and co-making spaces, and various public functions such as bars, shops, restaurants, and cafes. The public functions will help reactivate the area and contribute to the creation of a vibrant urban environment at any time of the day.
The richness of the building’s functional program is reflected in the expressiveness of the facade. Since the apartments are structured as single elements that overlap the result is a building with a strong identity, that breaks with the image of the classic homogeneous envelope. The deep glazed niches and terraces create a connection between the building, its users, and the outdoor space, giving the Tilia© Tower a lively and refined expression. The depth of the niches and terraces optimizes energy efficiency through excellent shading while creating comfortable outdoor recreation areas.
We have worked with the idea of making a building that respects the human scale, by emphasizing the connection to nature and by ensuring good daylight, which we know is important for human well-being. Wood is a consistent material in the project which adds a natural, warm, and robust look. Wood is a fantastic building material, and it will add a fine tactile expression to the building. The Tilia Tower©, will be a bright, friendly, humane, and sustainable building,” says Jan Ammundsen, architect and responsible senior partner for the Tilia Tower©, at 3XN.
In addition to providing a good indoor climate, the choice of wood also contributes to a significant reduction in the CO2 footprint. The two existing buildings will undergo a transformation which consists of an energy-efficient refurbishment and facade upgrade to match the new building.

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Team: 3XN and IttenBrechbühl
Developer: Insula SA / Realstone Group
Size: 37,000 m2
Images: 3XN






Views of the Tilia Tower©, images © 3XN

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