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YAP - Young Architecture Project 2014
MoMA / MoMA PS1, New York
Constructo, Santiago
MMCA, Seoul
Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul
Text by Riccardo Bianchini, Inexhibit

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YAP 2014, The winning projects. 
YAP, acronym of Young Architects Program, is a project aimed to promote the work of young architectural practices. YAP is an initiative organized in collaboration by some of the most important international cultural institutions: the MoMA and the MoMA PS1 in New York, the MAXXI museum in Rome, the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, the MMCA in Seoul and Constructo in Santiago de Chile. Besides in Istanbul, where it is organized every two years, the institutions part of the YAP program yearly organize a competition open to emerging architects aimed to the realization of contemporary architectures. The winning designs are actually built and used as a temporary venue for special events, concerts and live performances, offered to the public during the Summer season.

Yap Corea –  Moon Ji Bang –  “Shinseon Play”
Moon Ji Bang’s winning proposal, Shinseon Play, is based on a traditional Korean fantasy. Shinseons are imaginary Taoist hermits widely shared in East Asian mythology. They live on top of high mountains or above clouds and, roughly equivalent to the ancient Greek gods,  they occasionally descend to the human world. At the top of the air balloon structure proposed in Shinseon Play, visitors can bask in the summer sun as if walking through clouds; while below they can enjoy shade while sitting on the grass.

shinseonplay-yap corea 2014

Rendering of Shinseon Play by Moon Ji Bang, winning design of YAP Korea 2014. Image courtesy of MoMA.

Yap Chile – Grupo Talca “Wicker Forest”
The winning design for the 2014 edition of YAP Chile, Wicker Forest by the firm Grupo Talca, is composed of a landscape formed by wicker sticks, stacked together forming a four meter high thick forest. The installation will catch particles dragged by the wind, while providing shade and movement. The components will be recycled when the installation closes.

chile-Yap 2014

Rendering of Wicker Forest by Grupo Talca, winning design of YAP Chile 2014. Image courtesy of MoMA.

Yap Roma – Orizzontale – “8 e mezzo”
The winner of the 2014 YAP MAXXI installation is Orizzontale (Jacopo Ammendola, Giuseppe Grant, Juan Lopez Cano, Margherita Manfra, Nasrin Mohiti Asli, Roberto Pantaleoni, and Stefano Ragazzo). The 8 ½ installation is a translucent wall made of recycled beer kegs and an inhabitable timber podium that creates both a shining stage for summer events as well as a comfortable protected shadowed area, inviting people to rest, play, watch, and listen.

yap 2014-rome

roma-8-mezzo-yap 2014

Rendering of 8 1/2 by Orizzontale, winning design of YAP MAXXI 2014. Image courtesy of MoMA.

Yap N.Y. – The Living – Hy-Fi
This summer Hy-Fi, the winning design by the architectural firm The Living, will provide the setting for the Warm Up music series at MoMA PS1 in New York. Using biological technologies combined with cutting-edge computation and engineering to create new building materials, Hy-Fi uses a new method of bio-design in a structure comprising 100% organic material.

yap 2014-NY


Installation view of The Living’s Hy-Fi, the winning project of The Museum of Modern Art MoMA PS1’s 2014 YA. Photograph by Kris and Graves, courtesy of MomA.

Text by Riccardo Bianchini – Inexhibit

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