Postcards from the 2014 Milan Furniture Fair

Place: Milan, Country: Italy
Text and images by Federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit

MIlan Furniture Fair 2014

Postcards from the 2014 Milan Furniture Fair

There is no better way to build up a small exhibition spaces catalogue than visiting a relevant fair or an expo. Since nothing is more temporary and ephemeral than a fair stand – which is disassembled 4 or 5 days after having been built –  such form of exhibition is an ideal experimenting matter for architects and designers, that can express their creativity without risking too much. Talking about temporary exhibitions, Achille Castiglioni once said that this is a difficult task but also allowing a great degree of freedom to experiment materials, lighting systems and concepts and that, with his typical ironic approach “ if you make a mistake, at worst you loose only one client”.
Thus is funny to wander around a bunch of fair stands equipped with a photo camera, find out the different typologies, approaches and the new trends and try to build up a tiny map, not too serious and rigorous but nevertheless that that we hope interesting.

Milan furniture Fair 2014 2

Milan furniture fair 2014 3

First come the interactive, technological, immersive spaces…You must touch screens, answer questions, sometimes vaguely embarrassing, and feel yourself at the centre of a world.

MIlan Furniture Fair 2014 4

Then there are white, minimal spaces, precise shapes, the lighting used to underline volumes. The final effect is always surprising. Simple and neat forms always work; sometimes they are luminescent walls enclosing mysterious spaces you are invited to discover, some other they are simple frames encasing the objects on exhibition.

Milan Furniture Fair 2014 5

Milan Furniture Fair 2014 6

Milan Furniture Fair 2014 7

Milan Furniture Fair 2014 8

A different approach is based on a pop and playful kind of communication, vivid colours and soft shapes. Attractive like flowers at spring, they express themselves through an easy visual impact.

Milan Design Fair 2014 8

Green Fair stand

One of the most popular topics is “green” design, which adopts natural materials – wood typically – used to define the stand space and at the same time expressing brand’s identity.

Sustainable Fair Stands

Milan furniture fair stands

A boundary less or more permeable and the transition between “the inside” and “the outside” is a theme on its own often solved by adopting perforated curtains and semi-transparent layers.

Milan Fair stands 2

Milan Furniture Fair 2014 9

Sometimes is the stand external skin that conveys the message, recalling the idea of home by juxtaposing images of products and pictures of giant food.

Milan Fair stands 3

A treasure chest made in gold, nothing is better to draw visitors’ attention! The plastic furniture produced by the company is placed in a stunning space where such valuable material covers every inch of the available surfaces, from pavement to walls, from pedestals to decorations. Glittering!

MIlan Fair stands 11

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