Padua Botanical Garden interactive installations

Place: Padua, Country: Italy
Interactive Installation project: dotdotdot
Laura Dellamotta, Giovanna Gardi, Alessandro Masserdotti, Fabrizio Pignoloni
Images courtesy of dotdotdot

botanical garden-padua-01

The new greenhouse of the Biodiversity Garden. Photos by Andrea Osti

Three interactive installations at the Padua Botanical Garden

The historical Orto Botanico di Padova (Botanical Garden of Padua), founded in 1545, after the recent opening of the Biodiversity Garden in September 2014, has just opened its doors also to innovative means of communication and new-media installations. Among them, we report here the project conceived by studio dotdotdot, composed of three interactive exhibits providing educational content focused on plant life and biodiversity.

Orto Botanico-Padova-installation-01

The long travels of plants invites people to discover the edible plant species. Geographical provenance, history and nutritional properties are visually expressed through a recipe. On a large screen, a world map provide information of the relationships between plants, gastronomy and habitat.


The installation The plants around us is an intuitive tool to learn about 30 different plants. By pulling out one of the boards contained in a sort of “chemist drawer”, the related plant is visualized on a monitor, together with information on its properties, traditions and history as well as on how it is used in various human activities, from cooking to architecture and medicine.




The purpose of  Build your vegetable garden is to invite everyone to create his personal virtual kitchen garden. The installation interactively responds to various input parameters provided by the user, climate conditions, seed types and desired edible plants, guiding them in a fascinating discovery travel.


Project by studio dotdotdot, Milano


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Examples of digital communication technology in culture and education

Examples of digital communication technology in culture and education

Examples of digital communication technology in culture and education

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