Milan | MaTeinItaly: the story of maths

Place: Milan, Country: Italy
Client: Centro Matematita - Matematita center at the University of Milan and PRISTEM center at the Bocconi University in Milan
Location: Triennale di Milano
Curators: Renato Betti, Gilberto Bini, Maria Dedò, Simonetta Di Sieno and Angelo Guerraggio
Designer: Architect Lucio Giecillo - GLAS architettura - Viale dello Scalo San Lorenzo, 47 - Roma
Text and images courtesy of GLaS architettura
Photos by Fabrizio Marchesi
Additional text by Federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit.


Telling the story of mathematics; the MaTeinItaly exhibition | GlaS Architettura

Introduction by Federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit

The MateinItaly exhibition took place at the Triennale di Milano from September to late November 2014. The exhibition objective was to familiarize people with mathematics, presented as a problem-solving discipline that can be applied to a broad range of fields: medicine, finance, air and rail traffic management, data security and advanced technology, from GPS, to 3D printers, to state of the art mobile devices.
The exhibition has been designed by Rome-based architectural practice GLaS Architettura.




Project description by GlaS Architettura

The exhibition is conceived as an initiatory path towards knowledge of mathematics and mathematicians who, with their theoretical production, contributed to the progress of mathematics as a discipline with a strong social connotation.
The exposition theme is derived from the need to create an environment characterized by the transition between areas of light and shadow, and between immersive spaces and open areas. The primary spatial elements consist in semi-transparent sheets that foster a strong integration between different spaces and thematic areas, organizing the internal path according to fruition, perceptual and emotional aspects. The result is an artificial landscape composed of spatial elements (physical and virtual) that put tension on the three-dimensionality of space playing on appeal produced by a spatial dynamics in constant motion.





Photos by Fabrizio Marchesi, courtesy of GLaS Architettura

Designer: Arch. Lucio Giecillo – GLas Architetura
Collaborators: Camera Anebbia, Ibimel srl, Digital Video spa, Cristina Chiappini Studio, Arredart Studio S.R.L.



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