Milan |”Gaspare Ash Works” at The Open box

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Gaspare Ash Works 2013 - 2015
temporary exhibition
The Open box
Via G.B.Pergolesi 6, Milan
Photos courtesy of Gaspare Luigi Marcone,
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Milan | The Open box and the “Ash Works” by Gaspare Luigi Marcone

In Milan, via Pergolesi nr. 6 there is an art gallery.  Nothing strange, except that The Open box, the exhibition space devised by Gaspare Luigi Marcone is actually a garage, which regularly hosts art events.

cover image: installation view of the exhibition Gaspare Ash Works 2013-2015, The Open box, Milan, until November 30, 2015.

To find a proper space for innovative art initiatives could be a tough challenge today. In many European cities like Berlin, Paris, London, and Milan, is common to see unorthodox art venues, such as disused factories or residential buildings, conceived as an alternative to mainstream galleries. However, the case of The Open box is different and novel. Its distinctive point indeed is to provide more room to curatorial freedom and independence. Furthermore it advances the idea that the exhibition space itself can be a basic component of an art project, and that to bring contemporary art into an unexpected context, closer to our everyday life, makes it even more effective.


In a recent interview to “Flash art Online”, Marcone described The Open box as “a no-profit space, an artistic and curatorial initiative conceived as an open container aimed to showcase unprecedented, little-known and site-specific artworks. It is a replicable format; a physical add-on to the ideas of artists, critics and curators (…)

the open box-tracks-ok

the open box-manzoni-esposizione-niente

Above, The Open box, Installation view of the exhibition Tracks/Traces. © Photo Valentino Albini. Below installation views of the “International Exposition of Nothing”, presented at The Open Box in July, 2015 on the occasion of Manzoni’s birthday. Video stills from Il Sole 24 Ore.

So far, The Open box has been used both for collective exhibitions, like “Tracks/Traces” which in Spring 2015 featured works by Valentino Albini, David Reimondo and Andrea Francolino, and for special projects such as the exhibition “International Exposition of Nothing”, devised in 1960 by Piero Manzoni, Enrico Castellani, Carl Laszlo and Heinz Mack in their “Manifesto against Nothing”.



above: installation views of the exhibition “Gaspare Ash Works 2013-2015” The Open box, Milan, until November 30, 2015.

Currently, until November 30, 2015, The Open box hosts the exhibition “Gaspare Ash Works 2013 – 2015”, where its founder Gaspare Luigi Marcone presents his own works from the series “Ash Works”.

“Two squares of ash, one realized directly on the wall, the other spread freely on the floor, corresponding to one another, presenting contemporaneously as installation, painting, drawing and environment. The creative process follows a very precise protocol that consists of the production of the ash that will form the very material of the work. Artist, curator and art historian, Gaspare is naturally aware of the historical icons invoked (rather than evoked), but when asked about his major influences he mentions artists who consider art as a “mental thing”.
While belonging to this strand of research (with antonymic pairings such as drawing/color or conceptual/expressionist) Gaspare’s work nevertheless has a material and autobiographical aspect. The dimensions of the work (170×170 cm) are those of the artist himself while the ashes derive from his daily labors. Those on the floor derive from earlier works the artist has burnt in recent years, while those on the wall are ashes obtained from burning pages of his own notes.”
[from the introduction to the exhibition by its curator, Choghakate Kazarian, also curator of the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris].



Ash Work#1, September 2013, ash on wall, 170×170 cm.
Ash Work#2, September 2015, ash on floor, 170×170 cm (environmental dimensions following dispersal).

Gaspare Ash Works 2013 – 2015
curated by Choghakate Kazarian
The Open box
Via G.B.Pergolesi 6 20124 Milan

Open by appointment only

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