Milan | The EXPO Gate Pavilions by Scandurra Studio

Place: Milan, Italy
Architectural design:
Scandurra Studio, Milan
Photos © Inexhibit, 2015

EXPO Gate 2015 Milan Inexhibit 08

The Expo Gate is the reference venue of the EXPO 2015 in the heart of Milan. Opened in May 2014 the buildings represent the ideal entrance “gate” to Milan during the World Exposition and a ticket office, information point, and multipurpose space addressed to the visitors of the Expo.

Designed by the Italian practice Scandurra Studio, after an international architectural competition, Expo Gate is composed of two identical pavilions located just in front of the Sforza Castle.

EXPO Gate 2015 Milan 12 

EXPO Gate 2015 Milan Inexhibit 03

The two buildings are composed of a white-colored exoskeleton made in steel hollow profiles, which also works as a support for graphics, that encloses an open space encompassed by a glass envelope.
The buildings look light-weight and airy during the day, while at night they become translucent, self-illuminated objects. An open-air public plaza is located between the pavilions, visually aligned with the Sforza Castle beyond.

EXPO Gate 2015 Milan Inexhibit 07

EXPO Gate 2015 Milan Inexhibit 09

Although similar, the two pavilions accommodate different functions: one contains the EXPO ticket office and information desk, along with a small conference space and a shop; while the other is intended as a multipurpose space hosting a program of inter-cultural events and workshops, curated by Caroline Corbetta.

EXPO Gate is one of the finalist projects of the Mies Van der Rohe Award 2015.

EXPO Gate 2015 Milan Inexhibit 06


EXPO Gate 2015 Milan 11

EXPO Gate 2015 Milan Inexhibit 05

Photos © Inexhibit, 2015

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EXPO Milan 2015 – Index

EXPO Milan 2015 – Index

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