Milan EXPO 2015 | Pavilion of Brazil

Place: Milan, Country: Italy
General commissioner: David Barioni Neto, President of Apex-Brasil
Design by Studio Arthur Casas
Text by Federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit
Unless specified, all photos © Inexhibit, 2015, all rights reserved


EXPO 2015 – Pavilion of Brazil

The pavilion of Brazil is perhaps the most playful one at EXPO 2015.
A huge elastic mesh, suspended over a garden composed of typical Brazilian vegetation, welcomes the visitors and invites kids and teens (as well as some of the bravest adults), to walk on it up to access the pavilion. Flexible and fluid, the mesh is a metaphor of the different elements that, combined to one another, make Brazil a world-leading country for food production.

Photo above: copyright FTfoto, courtesy of Brazil pavilion


Brazil pavilion EXPo 2015 inexhibit 02



A supplier of food and agricultural products that, combined, represent a 43% of the overall national export, during the last two decades, Brazil has focused on nanotechnologies, sustainable farming, and bio-energy research and development. The exhibition housed inside the pavilion presents three thematic galleries on technology, culture and society; which form the overall concept of the Brazilian pavilion at EXPO 2015: “Feeding the World with solutions”.





Brazil’s participation at the World Exposition is organized by The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) coordinated by a inter-institutional team led by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.

Unless differently specified, all photos © Inexhibit, 2015, all rights reserved

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EXPO Milan 2015 – Index

EXPO Milan 2015 – Index

EXPO Milan 2015 – Index

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