London | “Life on Foot” at the Design Museum

Place: London, Country: United Kingdom
Design Museum
Curator: Pete Collard
Guest curator: Anniina Koivu.
Exhibition design:
Universal Design Studio
Graphic design:
A Practice for Everyday Life
Text by Riccardo Bianchini, Inexhibit
Photos by Jill Tate, courtesy of Design Museum, London


“Life on Foot”, exhibition at the Design Museum, London
  Riccardo Bianchini, Inexhibit

How the process of making shoes really develops?
Taking the cue from the creation of the 2015 Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter collections of the renowned Mallorca-based brand Camper, the exhibition Life on Foot, running at the Design Museum in London from May to November, 2015, depicts the entire process that, from the first sketch up to the graphic design of the packaging, lies behind something apparently simple as making a shoe.



The exhibition, curated by Pete Collard and Anniina Koivu and designed by Universal Design Studio, skilfully combines artifacts, raw materials, drawings, graphics, interviews and audiovisuals, to present an articulate ensemble of themes.
The making of shoes is narrated by illustrating the whole process that, from the initial idea, goes to the detailed design of a collection, the selection of materials, the manufacturing process, up to the graphics on the box and the advertising campaign.

Design museum-Life-on-Foot-Jill-Tate-04



A specific section illustrates the design of Camper’s retail stores, with examples by renowned architects such as Nendo, Jaimie Hayon, Bouroullec Brothers, Kengo Kuma and Shigeru Ban, among many others.



Finally, the exhibition investigates, through imaginative examples, the future of walking: how smart materials, digital devices and augmented reality will impact on our walking experience? Do social and technological changes will eventually lead to new kind of pedestrian policies and design solutions?

Life-on-Foot-Exhibition-Design-Museum-London-09 Life-on-Foot-Exhibition-Design-Museum-London-08

Life on Foot
13 May – 1 November, 2015
Design Museum London

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