Living in the wall: the 21er Pavilion 2016, Vienna

Place: Vienna, Country: Austria
21er Haus, Vienna
Living in the Wall | 21er PAVILION 2016
project direction:
Christine Hohenbüchler; David Calas
21er pavilion series is curated by Harald Krejci
Images: Belvedere, Vienna


21er Pavillon 2016: Living in the Wall. Photo: © Julia Wagner. Night Shot

Living in the wall: the 21er Pavilion 2016, Vienna

How can we ensure the optimum use of living spaces? Which spatial requirements are essential in order to live cheaply and comfortably today? In times of crisis, what influence do people’s new basic needs have on the architecture of temporary housing, such as emergency shelters, on social housing or on the renovation of old urban buildings? Do we need a paradigm shift in our approach to housing?

All of these questions have been addressed to this year’s pavilion project “Living in the Wall”, an experimental housing installation realized by the 21er Haus together with the Vienna University of Technology. The pavilion is located in the lower-level courtyard of the museum during the summer months, until 23 October 2016.
After leisure with The Art of ReCreation (2014), this year’s subject is “living in the future”, the architecture of the pavilion elaborates innovatively the concept of “wall” as a constructive and functional element.



21er Pavillon 2016: Living in the Wall. Photos: © Belvedere, Vienna

The project was realized by students of architecture from the Vienna University of Technology under the direction of Christine Hohenbüchler (Head of the Institute of Art and Design, Drawing and Visual Languages) and architect David Calas (Lecturer in the Institute of Housing Construction and Design).
Furthermore, the 1:1 model will also be used by the students as an active site for debate during the summer months. Living in the Wall, a meeting place.
The 21er PAVILION series is curated by Harald Krejci.


21er Pavillon 2016: Living in the Wall. Photo: © Belvedere, Vienna


21er Pavillon 2016: Living in the Wall. Photo: © David Calas



21er Pavillon 2016: Living in the Wall. Photos: © Belvedere, Vienna

The 21er Haus
Museum of Contemporary Art  is part of the Belvedere institution.
Its Interdisciplinary and analytical exhibitions focus on Austrian art from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, placed in an international context.
In addition to temporary solo and group shows, the Belvedere’s collection of contemporary art is shown in displays on the first floor, providing a further starting point for research and exhibitions. There is also a programme with film screenings, lectures, performances, and artist talks to encourage dialogue with the public. The 21er Haus – Museum of Contemporary Art is a place of both art historical and artistic research, a place of discourse, dissent, and experiment in which society is questioned and rediscovered.



21er Haus, Exterior Views.
Photo: Sabine Klimpt, © Belvedere, Vienna

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