China | The museum is an island

Place: Pingtan, Country: China
Architectural design: MAD architects
Team Directors: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano
Text by Riccardo Bianchini, Inexhibit
Images courtesy of MAD architects

Pingtan Art Museum China by MAD 04

In the last years, China has been used to be the source for some of the most inventive museums around. One of the recognized protagonists of such cultural flourishing is certainly the Chinese-American firm MAD, renowned for its Ordos museum in Mongolia and for having being recently appointed for the design of the brand new George Lucas’ museum in Chicago.

Despite all we could have seen about new Chinese architecture, the Art Museum currently under construction in the Pingtan island, the Chinese land closest to Taiwan, is still something radically unconventional.

Pingtan Art Museum China by MAD 03

Pingtan Art Museum China by MAD 05 

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The Pingtan Art Museum is one of the cornerstones of a larger project, aimed to transform the entire island, one of the largest in China, in an innovative cultural, trade and commercial link between Taiwan and the mainland.

The Pingtan Art Museum will therefore become the largest private museum in China, a 430,000 square feet exhibition permanently displaying over 1,000 pieces to depict art and creativity in their various forms.

The museum conceived by MAD is a downsized replica of the Pingtan island itself: a small island attached, through an undulated pier, to a larger one attached in turn to the Asian continent though a five kilometer-long bridge. Such concept somehow resembles the outcome of a fractal recursion, expanded up to a landscape scale.

Pingtan Art Museum China by MAD 12



The building complex, located on a water basin at the heart of the city of Pingtan, has been shaped to mimic the hills and the profile of Pingtan island, its wavy, cavernous spaces will house, along with storage areas, offices and technical spaces, permanent and temporary exhibition galleries, art workshops, a restaurant and a Zen tea room.

Pingtan Art Museum China by MAD 08


Pingtan Art Museum China by MAD 09

The museum building, scheduled for completion in 2016, adopts as its main construction material a mixture of concrete and local sand shells, ideally reconnecting it with the nature and the cultural background of the island, which once was traditionally inhabited by fishermen.

Pingtan Art Museum China by MAD 06

Pingtan Art Museum China by MAD 10

Pingtan Art Museum China by MAD 07

Article by Riccardo Bianchini, Inexhibit
Images courtesy of MAD architects

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