Big Bang Data | Exhibition at the CCCB

Place: Barcelona, Country: Spain
CCCB - Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
Big Bang Data | exhibition
CCCB, Barcelona
from May, 9 to October, 26 | 2014
Direction of the project:
Rosa Ferré, CCCB head exhibitions
Olga Subirós e José Luis Vicente
Text by Federica Lusiardi - Inexhibit
Photos by Knechtel Photography
courtesy of CCCB, Barcelona.

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Big Bang data. You share information and your data share you

Numbers speak for themselves: every day 2.5 trillion bytes of data are generated and it has been calculated that, during the single 2009 year, as much data as during the entire previous human history were produced.

The exhibition Big Bang Data, at the CCCB in Barcelona, is a project aimed to investigate the “data explosion” into which we are plunged and to put forward some questions about the consequences of the overproduction of information we are all creating through our mobile phones, using social networks, sharing digital images and videos or by using GPS location tracking.
These opportunities are correctly considered as instruments of democracy and openness, that changed our lives and relations but also represents a powerful means for mass surveillance.

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To properly develop this matter, the exhibition features art installations, documents, interviews, multimedia productions, technological prototypes and collaborative workshops and is organized into ten sections:
1) The weight of the cloud.
Emerging geography of data
2) Immersed in the Tsunami. A history of the information explosion
3) More is different. The science of Big data
4) The world’s pulse. What is the datafication?
5) Visualising complexity. Explaining the world with data.
6) What are you thinking, what are you doing, what are you feeling? The social production of data.
7) A new era of knowledge. The revolution of disciplines after Big Data.
8) We are data. From quantification to the commodification of “the self”.
9) What data can’t tell. The tyranny of data-centrism
10) Data for the common good. Towards a critical and participatory culture

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Big Bang Data is the first exhibition of a cycle organized by the CCCB with the objective to analyze the 21st century culture, the current transformation trends and the intersections between culture, technology, and society. On the occasion, the CCCB also inaugurate a new workspace, entitled Beta Station, reserved to research, production and dissemination projects and that will become a permanent space aimed to share initiatives with other local institutions such as festivals, meetings, and workshops.
[The term Beta comes from the information technology and identifies a program not yet in its final and stable version but still under evaluation and development.]

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big bang data-9

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Big Bang data – (temporary exhibition)
CCCBCentre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
until October 26, 2014
Montalegre, 5 08001 Barcelona

Photos by Knechtel Photography – courtesy of CCCB, Barcelona

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