Barcelona | Discovering Disseny Hub | part 2

Place: Barcelona, Country: Spain
Museu del Disseny - Barcelona
Architectural design:
MBM Architects
Josep Martorell, Oriol Bohigas, David Mackay
with Oriol Capdevila e Francesc Gual.
Text by federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit
Photos by Riccardo Bianchini, Inexhibit
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Barcelona | Discovering the Disseny Hub | Part 2

Opened to the public on December 2014, the new Museu del Disseny in Barcelona has been established to unify in a single place, and under a common museographic concept, the collections of four different museums: the “Museu de les Arts Decoratives”, the “Museu de Ceramica”, the “Museu Tèxtil i de la Indumentària” and the “Gabinet de les Arts Gràfiques”.

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Industrial design, applied arts, history of costume and graphic design, are the themes featured at the Museu del Disseny and presented into four semi-permanent thematic exhibitions: From the world to the museum. Product design, Cultural heritage; Extraordinary! Collections of Decorative and Author-Centred Art ( 3rd-20th century); Dressing the body. Silhouettes and Fashion (1550-2015) and  Graphic design: from trade to profession (1940-1980).
All four exhibitions, each located at a different floor level of the museum, are primarily based on a rich set of objects from the 70,000-pieces collection of the museum. Either handicraft or industrially and digitally manufactured, they are presented under multiple interpretation keys: product conception and design process, visual power of the form, artisans’ ability, innovation in manufacturing processes, relationships between people and everyday objects, influence of products on people’s behaviors, social trends and mass culture.

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Chairs, luminaires, washing machines, cars… From the world to the museum. Product design, Cultural heritage narrates, under multiple viewpoints, the world of the everyday objects produced by the industry. The exhibition is divided in three sections: Reference, displays on the most renown objects, the design “icons” of various historical periods; Materiality is focused on materials and on the technical evolution of product manufacturing over time; Context narrates the connections between mass behavior and the success of a specific good.

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Above: views from the exhibition “From the world to the museum. Product design, Cultural heritage”

Extraordinary! Collections of Decorative and Author-Centred Art ( 3rd-20th century) is a chronological exhibition dedicated to applied arts. From ceramics to textiles, from furniture to glass objects, from miniatures to wallpapers, it covers a period ranging from the 3rd to the 20th century. After the 1930s, the exhibition is mostly focused on the relationships between objects and their creators. This part is also a tribute to that art and craft-works collecting that contributed so much to Barcelona’s cultural heritage.

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Above: views from the gallery dedicated to applied arts.

Dressing the body. Silhouettes and Fashion (1550-2015) is introduced by a series of crinolines; their “extreme” shapes symbolize how we human beings, since antiquity, aimed to modify our appearance through clothes, hairstyling, tattoos and jewels.
The dresses on display, dating from the 16th century onward, tell us also how much fashion trends are linked to the ethic, aesthetic and social codes of their respective times.

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Above: views from the exhibition “Dressing the body. Silhouettes and Fashion (1550-2015)”

Graphic design: from trade to profession is based on the graphic collection of the museum, grown over time also thanks to several bequests by private and companies.
The exhibition depicts a generation of artists which, since the 1940s, created the modern figure of professional graphic designer in Spain.

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Above: Views of the exhibition “Graphic design: from trade to profession”

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Above: Views of the temporary exhibition gallery. This area currently houses learning spaces and workshops for children.

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Above: Smart flexibility, advanced materials and technologies is a temporary exhibition located next to the  Documentation Center of the museum. The exhibition is based on a research by Materfad –  the materials center of Barcelona – and features an interesting selection of projects and prototypes featuring innovative smart materials.

Photos by Riccardo Bianchini, Inexhibit

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