“Arbor Lights” in Milan by Not a Number Architects

Place: Milano, Country: Italy
Arbor Lights, installation by Not a Number Architects
Light & Sound design: Reflekta
text by Not a Number Architects
Photos, courtesy of Not a Number Architects


above: photo Alberto Sinigaglia 

Arbor Lights, installation in Milan by Not a Number Architects

by Not a Number Architects

Arbor Lights is a spatial installation designed for the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2016 and located at Bulgari Hotel Gardens, one of the most beautiful green spots in the old city center.
The installation plays with the architectural notions of complexity through symmetry, and spatial fluidity through repetition. The scale of this folly, dictated also by the size of the plot, makes it something more than an object and less than a shelter lending it a kind of diagrammatic quality.

arbor-lights-milano-not a number architects-1

above, photo Bulgari

arbor-lights-milano-not a number architects-2

above: photo Alberto Sinigaglia 

This idea of an architectural diagram in space further articulates during night time when the mass of the structure is reduced into lines of light.
Glowing from within the installation sheds light on itself and the surrounding greenery, giving notice of its eerie presence. A choreography of 54 individual pulsating light strips calls the visitors of the garden to gather around or stand inside it.

The basic unit of the modular structure is made up of three identical rings, made out of steel with a brass plating finish, and locked together to form a triangle in plan, thus having a perfect symmetry in the three axes.




above: photos Alberto Sinigaglia 

arbor-lights-milano-not a number architects-7

above: photo Bulgari


A general view of the BVLGARI Celebration of B.Zero1 at Milan Design Week.
Hotel Bulgari  April 12, 2016 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Venturelli/Getty Images for BVLGARI)


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