Venice | Swatch pavilion by Joana Vasconcelos

“The Garden of Eden” is an immersive installation by Joana Vasconcelos, in the Giardini’s Swatch Pavilion at the Venice Biennale…


Milan | EXPO 2015 | The Pavilion Zero

Designed by Michele de Lucchi, the Pavilion Zero at EXPO is inspired by the morphology of the Earth’s crust…


Is political art back? Venice Biennale – Corderie

Perhaps to grasp the concept of the Art Biennale by Okwui Enwezor, could be not easy, but for sure politics has come back…


The rooms of memory | Venice Art Biennale 2015

Codice Italia,the exhibition in the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale 2015, is a voyage into memory, inspired by…


Venice Art Biennale 2015 | free associations part 2

Venice Biennale: 56th International Art exhibition | part 2: the pavilions of France, Austria and the Netherlands


Milan | EXPO 2015 | The German pavilion

The biomorph pavilion of Germany at EXPO 2015, entitled Fields of Ideas, presents a sustainable use of natural resources and …


Venice Biennale 2015 – Central Pavilion exhibition

Okwui Enwezor’s 56th Venice Art Biennale “All the World’s Futures” is an articulated exhibition pivoting around the Giardini…


Milan | EXPO 2015 | Swiss Pavilion

The pavilion of Switzerland at EXPO 2015 presents a quite interesting interpretation of the theme of the consumption of food…


Venice | The Art Biennale 2015 – Index

The 56th Venice Biennale of Art is open from May 9 to November 22, 2015.This year’s edition, entitled All the World’s Futures, is…


Milan | EXPO 2015 | Pavilion of Spain

Designed by B720 Fermìn Vàzquez Arquitectos, the timber and steel pavilion of Spain at EXPO 2015 presents the Spanish…


Venice Art Biennale 2015 | free associations part 1

Venice Biennale 2015 – International Art Exhibition: free associations part 1: pavilions of Japan, Britain and Czech…

United kingdom-expo2015-Inexhibit-04

Milan | EXPO 2015 | United Kingdom Pavilion

The United Kingdom participation at EXPO 2015 is entitled “Grown in Britain: Shared Globally”. Its beehive-like pavilion…


Milan | EXPO 2015 | Pavilion of Brazil

The pavilion of Brazil is perhaps the most playful at EXPO 2015. Both real and metaphoric, a huge elastic mesh suspended over a garden…


Milan | EXPO 2015 | Pavilion of Italy

“Padiglione Italia” is the official pavilion of Italy at EXPO 2015 Milan; a white concrete building resembling a urban forest

united arab emirates expo milan 2015 inexhibit 02

Milan | EXPO 2015 | The UAE pavilion by Foster

The design of the United Arab Emirates pavilion at the EXPO 2015 in Milan by Foster + Partners is inspired by…

France pavilion expo 2015 inexhibit 07

Milan | EXPO 2015 | France pavilion

The pavilion of France at EXPO 2015 resembles a covered market where present and future of food production are presented…

China pavilion expo milan inexhibit 15

Milan | EXPO 2015 | Land of Hope – China pavilion

The China pavilion at EXPO 2015 Milan designed by Tsinghua University-Studio Link-Arc is an intriguing vision of a “Land of Hope” …


Milan | EXPO2015 | Breathe, Austrian Pavilion

The pavilion of Austria at the EXPO 2015 in Milan brings the visitors into the air, smells and sounds of forest…

China Wood Sculpture Museum MAD 12

China Wood Sculpture Museum by MAD Architects

The China Wood Sculpture Museum, designed by MAD Architects, is a driftwood-shaped building that blurs the difference between …

Case Study Architectures
Rijksmuseum Entrance building Cruz y Ortiz 03b

Amsterdam | The new Rijksmuseum – Part 2

The second part of the article on the new Rijskmuseum by Cruz y Ortiz architects: the New Entrance building and the Philips Wing

Rijksmuseum Atrium Cruz y Ortiz 01

Amsterdam | The new Rijksmuseum – Part 1

The architecture of the new Rijskmuseum in Amsterdam by Cruz y Ortiz architects: the Atrium and the Asian Pavilion

new whitney museum new york piano 17

New York | the new home of the Whitney

The new home of the Whitney Museum of American Art, by Renzo Piano Building Workshop opens …

archipelago art center azores 12

Azores | Archipelago Contemporary Arts Center

The Archipelago Art Center in the Azores, by Menos é Mais Arquitectos Associados + João Mendes Ribeiro, exceptionally combines…

urban center-bologna-02

Bologna | Exhibition design of the “Urban Center”

The permanent exhibition of the Urban Center of Bologna, designed by RP Studio, is dedicated to present the city’s urban development